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We are the professional arm of the citizen sustainable aviation movement. All of us adhere to a philosophy of sustainable aviation based upon the contextual sustainability framework and the vision of the integrated social and ecological values of the Earth Charter. This sustainable aviation philosophy is developed by SAVIA founding president, Frans C. Verhagen, M. Div., M.I.A., Ph.D., sustainability sociologist. Its full description will be available in a forthcoming article in the Journal of Air Transportation and in forthcoming book entitled Revamping Aviation: Integrating Aviation into an Intermodal Transportation System, Particularly in the USA. SAVIA is an acronym standing for S(ustainable) AVIA(tion.) Most of the associates are or have been affiliated with groups that adhere to these principles in their advocacy for an ecologically sustainable, equitable and accountable aviation industry. Some associates have been teaching sustainable aviation academically. All of us have gained insights and experience through years of advocacy and study leading to an orthodoxy on sustainable aviation through an orthopraxis of sustainable aviation. Our symbol represents our major challenge of the industry: integrating itself in an efficient intermodal transportation system as proposed in the IITS Initiative, so that the industry cannot only survive, but thrive.


Where are the modern coaches and efficient trains?